Zidi Health Innovation - Uniqueness of ZiDi

>>> Uniqueness of ?

  • Integrated Solution – to track utilization of services, finances, commodities, personnel and health   
  • One stop Shop - captures all lines of service and commodities (ANC, TB, FP, HIV, PNC, CWC...)
  • Works in on-line and offline modes - can be accessed anywhere and everywhere; rural or urban.
  • Easy to use – point and click interface; training can be done virtually or in-person.
  • Automates the generation of all ministry of health mandated reports.
  • Enhances efficiency of service delivery and case management of patients with chronic diseases.


>>> is Suitable for case management?

  • Health workers can track and trace defaulters by; due dates, name or record number with the push of a button.
  • Easy to analyse and report on treatment compliance, multidrug resistance and complications.
  • Easy to track commodities consumed and focused demand based on local population needs.

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ZiDi is an innovative mobile application that improves the monitoring and evaluation of health services in dispensaries and health centers. The system tracks patient encounters, revenues collected, and drug inventories. ZiDi also creates reports on utilization rates for services, staff productivity, and facility financial data.