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ZiDi developed by Microclinic Technologies Ltd., is designed to tackle the quality of maternal and child healthcare by facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases that affect women and children. Zidi is able to monitor service utilization and consumption of vaccines and all essential drugs and accurately forecast the potential demand for over 5,000 health facilities in Kenya.


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  • An innovative  Enterprise Management Application that collects primary data at the point of care in real-time.
  • Data is accessible via dedicated online portal for efficient monitoring and evaluation of health facilities and decentralise decision making.
  • Enhances clinical decision making by a process called Crowd-Optimization of diagnoses.
  • Its the only E-health Solution approved by the Kenya Ministry of Health; endorsed by The Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KEMSA), Microsoft, World Bank and Yahsat.
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ZiDi is an innovative mobile application that improves the monitoring and evaluation of health services in dispensaries and health centers. The system tracks patient encounters, revenues collected, and drug inventories. ZiDi also creates reports on utilization rates for services, staff productivity, and facility financial data.