ICT Authority names ZiDi as 2014 award winning software in the healthcare sector.

By | on May 22, 2014 

ZiDi software running on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud has been named as a 214 innovation Award winner by the ICT Authority in the health care delivery sector.

The application developed by Microclinic Technologies in conjunction with Microsoft under the 4Afrika initiative was rolled out in a bid to track patient services offered in the clinics. This will help tackle the administrative burdens faced by medical staff in health care institutions.

Coupled up with Microsoft’s productivity suite, Office 365 ZiDi channels real time secure communication between health centres in different locations and facilitates scalable access to backed up data. Among technological benefits is the ability of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) to track how fast supplies are being used in health care facilities in all 47 counties to automatically replenish stocks long before they run out or expire.

Through smart phone devices and tablets, persons will be in a position to run real time analyses that help medical officers determine probable diagnoses for patients upon entering a list of symptoms in the smart devices. Other functions offered by the software will be management of health care charges and also administration and running of institutions.

Currently operating in six healthcares in Kiambu and Kisumu counties as well as Gatundu Sub District Hospital, the software easing work load has helped provide standardized quality health care.

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